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New president Nauseda starts his Presidential duties today

Présidental family in Vilnius today

By Angele Kedaitiene. Today, Lithuania celebrates the inauguration of newly elected President Gitanas Nauseda, which has started at 10 am in the morning, and end late evening with the reception at the Presidential Palace.

The swearing-in ceremony already took place at 11 am local time, 10 am Brussels time at the Lithuanian parliament.

President used poetry in his speeches, while telling most sincere words, as ” Dear people of Lithuania, my Dear country Lithuania, I congratulate you and I appeal to you today from all my loving heart, from all my forces” – Nauseda said.

He has emphasised unity of Lithuania, that all Lithuanians doesn’t matter where they live can count on him, on the country, that he will serve everyone with equal treatment and dignity, to establish the true welfare state, to protect the national borders. Everyone felt honoured by his speech, especially those of yet silent part of Lithuania, poor and excluded. There is common believe for more equality and so needed social justice.

Gitanas Nauseda has ended his swearing speech with words God Bless Lithuania. Its not necessary to end the swearing so in Lithuania, depending on the religious believes. However, Gitanas Nauseda recognises himself as Catholique, he is not that regularly practicing one, but he is believer and gets to Church on his own, depending on the spiritual need.

Ahead of his swearing-in ceremony, in the morning, Gitanas Nauseda with his wife and two daughters visited the monument of the nation’s patriarch Jonas Basanavicius. EUNewsLithaunia already wrote about the wife of Gitanas Nauseda. Two his adult daughters are working and studying, one of them just graduated from architecture studies in Ghent, Belgium, another one is the political economy scientist, with degrees from France, but still going to study in South Korea. They do not feel any status difference, and going to build theirs career them-selfs. They are proud of theirs father and believe he will do everything for the country and its people.

Ones sworn at the solemn parliament sitting, Gitanas Nauseda then observed a military line-up in the Independence Square outside the Seimas and a parade on Gediminas Avenue from the Seimas to the Cathedral Square. A service at Vilnius cathedral follows.

In the afternoon, a ceremony of the handover of the Presidential Palace took place, and then the government returned its power to the new president.

A concert took place in Simonas Daukantas Square outside the Presidential Palace in the evening, and an inaugural reception to be held in the courtyard of the President Palace.

Gitanas Nauseda will face challenging times ahead, but everyone believes Lithuania to enter high profile development, to be positively different in a 5 or 10 years time.

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