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Gitanas Nauseda as the new President of Lithuania

Gitanas Nauseda and Diana Nausediene


By Angele Kedaitiene

The Central Electoral Commission has confirmed last Friday the results of the Presidential elections which took place a week ago on 26 of May. Gitanas Nauseda has been recognized the newly elected President of Lithuania, with 66% of votes in favor, The inauguration of the President will take place on 12 July, but already since next day of the elections, as from 27 May, Nauseda is under protection of the  state security agents, in charge of the safety of high level officials, who guide him and his family day and nigh in the recent place of residence, his family glass house. Ones inaugurated, Nauseda and his family are obliged to move to the residence of the President, the house in the secured area by Vilnius in Turniskes, surrounded by forest, where recently lives Dalia Grybauskaite, who will move to her newly build private house in the neighbourhood of Vilnius. Nauseda will be not lonely there, there are also the houses of the Prime Minster Skvernelis, of the Speaker of the parliament Pranckietis, of the former President Adamkus. Grybauskaite as former President has the right to remain in Turkiskes, maybe just to move to another house, since the Lithuanian constitution guarantees the welfare of former Presidents in terms of residence, office, small staff and monthly rent of some 3000 EUR. However, she has decided to live on her own, while securing all other guarantees.

Although Grybauskaite is still the official President of Lithuanian, all the major officials of the country, opposition leaders, etc. started series of meetings with Nauseda to discuss the positions and future polices.

Thus, who is Nauseda, the President who will define the path of Lithuanian development for five or even ten years ahead, who is his family and where he is from?

Gitanas Nauseda is Lithuanian, he is native Lithuanian, with well expressed authentic national character.

He is 55 years old, from 1982 to 1989 he has studied economics at Vilnius University, from 1990 to 1992 he did a practice at the University of Mannheim in Germany under the DAAD scholarship. He defended his PhD thesis “Income Policy Under Inflation and Stagflation” in 1993. Since 2009 he is an associate professor at Vilnius University Business School. He has worked at the Lithuanian Research institute for Economics and Privatisation, at the Lithuanian Competition Council, at the Lithuanian National Bank and recently at the Scandinavian SEB Bank as the adviser and chief economist to the President of the Bank. All his professional career has been dedicated to economics, and he is considered as bright economist, both practical and academic. In his spare time, he reads, he is passionate reader with huge private collection of books,  especially of history books, he writes not just economic articles, but also  those related to Lithuanian history. He speaks German, English and Russian. He is married and has two adult daughters, all members of this harmonious family being career persons.

The Lithuanian press and people express a lot of admiration towards Diana Nausediene, wife of Gitanas Nauseda, a professional fashion technologist with university degree, who works with H&M in Vilnius, interested in the theory of colors. This is why it is said that after Alma Adamkiene Lithuania will have another perfect first lady, representing the country well. She has a fine sense of dressing, she is educated, calm, a solid person, speaking German, English and Russian. The couple met while students at the wedding of friends and got married after three years of friendship, the marriage having already lasted 27 years.

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